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Johan Anderson on take off with his Millenium glider

PHOTO 20140727 131846c 300x194 Johan Anderson on take off with his Millenium gliderWow what a beautiful glider.  And Johan foot launched it!  Super impressive.


Tandem flight specials

Group specials for tandem paragliding flights at Wild Sky, Bulwer.  R950pp,  R750pp three people or more.  We provide quality flights and fly for around fifteen minutes.  Come enjoy the spectacular views from up in the sky!  Ria 0827488637 Hans 0823953298

Tandem 150x150 Tandem flight specials

Final Glide: Crossing New Zealand’s Cook Strait

Matt Stanford became the first pilot to cross New Zealand’s 30km Cook Strait by paraglider earlier this year.

Jagged Edge: Exploring the Tien Shan by paraglider

This spectacular example of adventure flying is what happens when you put two of the most ambitious Greater Ranges pilots in a new and remote location.

Off road in Pakistan: Veso Ovcharov’s spectacular photos

Veso Ovcharov, Francois Ragolski, Petar Loncar and Adrien Shams travelled to Pakistan for six weeks of out-of-this-world flying in May and June this year.

Footlaunch paragliding record falls in the USA

Gavin McClurg broke the US paragliding foot launch record on 15 July 2013, flying 383km from Sun Valley, Idaho on his Niviuk Peak 3.

The 2013 Red Bull X-Alps official rankings

Red Bull X Alps Day13 07 b882ca322a The 2013 Red Bull X Alps official rankings

The 2013 Red Bull X-Alps results are:

1. Christian Maurer (SUI1): 6d 23hr 40m
2. Clement Latour (FRA1): 8d 16hr
3. Antoine Girard (FRA2): 8d 16hr 30m
4. Jon Chambers (GBR): 9d 5hr 12m
5. Peter Gebhard (ITA2) 9d 7hr 40m
6. Ferdinand Van Schelven (NED) 10d 9hr 27m
7. Aaron Durogati (ITA1): 10d 10hr 28m
8. Martin Muller (SUI2): 10d 21hr 43m
9. Paul Guschlbauer (AUT1): 11d 5hr 47m
10. Toma Coconea (ROM): 11d 11hr 22m

11. Honza Rejmanek (USA1): 97km*
12. Victor Sebe (FRA3): 113km
13. Thomas de Dorlodot (BEL): 146.25km
14. Pawel Faron (POL): 146.42km
15. Evgenii Griaznov (RUS): 152km
16. Andy Frötscher (ITA3): 168km
17. Kaoru Ogisawa (JPN1): 180km
18. Shoichiro Tadano (JPN2): 182km
19. Michal Krysta (CZE): 228km
20. Max Mittmann (GER3): 255km
21. Mike Küng (AUT2): 378.58km
22. Raul Penso (VEN): 379.18km
23. Max Fanderl (CAN): 411km
24. Lars Budack (GER2): 428km
25. Pil Pyo Hong (KOR): 430km
26. Stephan Haase (USA2): 523km Retired
27. Pierre Carter (RSA): 547km
28. Iñigo Gabiria (ESP): 588km
29. Thomas Hofbauer(AUT3): 773km Eliminated
30. Babu Sunuwar (NPL) 853km Eliminated
31. Claudio Heidel (ARG) 877km Eliminated

* This is the distance athletes still had to go to Monaco.

Students at Centocow

Sarah 150x150 Students at CentocowSarah2 150x150 Students at CentocowAllen Ross2 150x150 Students at Centocow


Well done to Lance, Allen and Sarah who have completed their course.  Allen Rumney and Scott Nicholson are well on their way.

Los Rodriguez: the latest movie project from Acro’s first family

Got $25? Then you too can fulfil your dreams and become a movie producer and help fund a movie about the Rodriguez brothers

European Paragliding Championships 2012: Competition starts

The 12th European Paragliding Championships is due to kick off in St Andre, France Monday 3 September, for two weeks of high level competition among some of Europe’s best competition pilots