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For centuries man and woman have been preoccupied with wanting to fly. Bumps, scrapes and many hard landings have characterized this quest, resulting in the emergence of a number of different forms of flying. We greet you from the youngest of them all, welcome to the world of paragliding.

The early 1980′s saw adventurous enthusiasts launching themselves off mountains with parachutes or canopies, which closely resembled such. Over the ensuing years the design, and thus performance of the canopy, has improved substantially and safety aspects have been refined and developed to produce a genuine flying sport that can be enjoyed by all.

Hans Fokkens and Ria Fokkens are your instructors. Hans has been flying forever and has vast knowledge and experience. Hans is a top performer on the South African competition circuit and has represented South Africa at the World Championships. Ria Fokkens, also a qualified paragliding instructor has been flying since 1998. Courses* at Wild Sky are conducted with you and your safety paramount throughout.