Paragliding Courses

Learning to fly may seem simple, but there are a lot of things that one needs to learn in order to do so safely. That’s where paragliding lessons come in. Come fly with us and have fun while learning the basic and more advanced skills needed to paraglide.

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Paragliding courses:

Intro course

Duration: 2 Days

Cost R2500


· Introductory lecture on aerodynamics, how a glider works, how it is put together, pre flight checks, how to launch, steer and land.

· Ground training

· Ground skimming flights

· High flight/s, if the weather permits, and if the student is deemed ready by the instructor, while instructed on radio.

· Use of school paragliding equipment

· SAHPA temporary membership for six months.

· SAHPA training manual and logbook

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License course

Duration: 10 to 14 flyable days with favourable weather conditions.

Cost: R9000 + R1165 license fees on completion of the course.  For those that will require a rating to fly in other countries around the world you simply pay an additional R70 for the International Pilot Proficiency application which is recognised worldwide.


· Everything included in the intro course

. Wild Sky manual and video clips

· Ongoing instruction on weather, safety rules, flying skills & techniques.

· 35 high flights

· Basic manoeuvres to ensure safe flying

· A thorough knowledge and skills on the manoeuvres required.

· Open book test

· Administration

· Marking of test

NB: You are responsible for paying your licensing fees to SAHPA at the completion of your course. The fees are R1165.  the license is renewed on a yearly basis. We will provide all the necessary details.

NB: You are also responsible for settling the site fees at Bulwer yourself. The fees are as follows: R15 per day, R60 for a month ticket and R240 for a year ticket. The fees are paid to the Biosphere, which manages the area from an environmental point of view.