Paragliding SIV

As you advance in your paragliding career and upgrade to wings with more performance that you fly in varying conditions, it is a good idea to do a Safety course, also called a Paragliding SIV course  designed to help you cope with turbulence, collapses, pitch control, general wing control, etc. Learn where the stall point is on your glider and how much it turns in a collapse, how to control that and fly away.

EVERY PILOT SHOULD DO A SAFETY COURSE. More than once is a good idea. Some say that you should do a safety course every time you get a new glider.

The Safety course is also necessary to get a sports license.

Duration: Three days

Cost: R3500 and R150 for the DVD

Dates: We currently run an SIV course every three months


· 21 Safety manoeuvres

· Venue: Midmar dam

· Instruction

· Winches

· Life jackets

· Rescue boat and driver

· Towboat, winch operator and driver

· Fuel for both boats