Paragliding South Africa

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Bulwer 1000

Bulwer is a world renowned paragliding site. It is flyable throughout the year with thermic flying as well as ridge soaring conditions. The site is friendly with a huge grassy take off and landing. It is ideal for training as well as enjoyable cross country flying. If Paragliding in South Africa is on your travels list be sure to visit Bulwer. You will not be disappointed.


The site faces East and can be flown in NE to SE winds. If you are energetic you can walk up to the peaks and fly off there if the wind is Westerly to South Westerly.

There are a number of sites within a close driving proximity:


This site is the easiest to drive to as it is just a short way off the tar road to take off. Take off faces into a big valley. The site is thermic and also has ridge soaring conditions.

It faces South and can be flown in a Southerly to South Easterly.


This site faces the Drakensberg and has spectacular views. It is extremely thermic.

It faces South West.

Lundies Hill

The site is beautiful with the Umkomaas river below it and huge grassy fields to land in.

There are many great thermic and coastal sites in South Africa as well as flatland flying in the Northern Cape.

Paragliding tours

Wild Sky offers paragliding tours through KZN, as well as the rest of South Africa. Tell us what your needs are and what kind of flying you are looking for and we will custom make your tour for you. We know of great places to stay along the way from budget to luxury. We also know all the beautiful spots for sight seeing, game watching and local shopping. Non pilots will be taken on sight seeing trips and interesting shopping experiences. Whatever you need, we can organise.